Temperature-controlled Logistics Solutions in Moscow and Across Russia

Shipping service that require temperature control during transportation of goods. Advanced equipment, express delivery, strict provision of temperature conditions throughout the logistics chain

Customs Clearance

Professional customs clearance without delay. Support of customs processes, assistance in preparing necessary documents

Shipping Service for Biological Samples and Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products

Full compliance with temperature requirements, logistic measures to ensure constant temperature and other parameters

Courier Delivery Across Russia

We will promptly deliver your documents or any other cargo. Flexible conditions for each client, accurate timing and careful logistics is guaranteed

Alpha Express

We provide professional and reliable shipping services across Russia and abroad, featuring compliance with temperature requirements. Being over 20 years in the market, our company have established itself as a professional team in the field of express cargo transportation for clinical trials. We are trusted by the world's largest pharmaceutical companies as we maintain the highest quality standards and meet controlled temperature chain (CTC) logistics requirements. We build our reputation based on individual customer care and developing innovative services tailored to customer needs. Our goal is to provide a wide range of top- quality logistics and customs services. We are highly-skilled specialists so the clients can rely on us when solving their most demanding tasks.


years of transportation services across Russia


of continued support and assistance, any question considered


customers in small, medium and large business

Areas of expertise

Courier Express Service for Clinical Trials

Clinical trial cargoes, such as pharmaceuticals, infected and uninfected biological samples, require transportation under different temperature-controlled conditions. For example, at room temperature, chilled, or ultra-low temperatures. Freezing or overheating is unacceptable and harmful for this type of cargo. If at least one link in the supply chain is unreliable, then all efforts are in vain.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

All shipments of dangerous goods across borders are under special control of customs authorities. Our declarants have extensive experience in the customs clearance of such cargoes. We employ certified specialists who issue dangerous goods declarations.

We ensure that all customs clearance of dangerous goods is fully process-optimized carried out in accordance with all regulations.

DGR IATA CERT: N° 620161

Customs clearance

  • Customs clearance of export and import cargoes
  • Preparation of customs declaration
  • Selection and formation of all necessary documents package
  • Selection of commodity codes and accurate calculation of customs payments
  • Registration of permits for customs agencies
  • Registration of the client at customs as importer/exporter
  • Handling operations
  • Expert cargo assessment
  • Consulting on customs legislation issues

Certificate №0085/02 on inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives

Transportation of goods across Russia

Organization of collection and door-to-door delivery of goods. Network of representative offices across the country. Special onboard courier service to any region of Russia. Additional guarantee of cargo safety, provided by the control of loading and unloading. Air transportation, providing significant savings in time of cargo delivery from consignor to consignee.

Transportation of export and import cargo

Direct partnerships with major airlines, such as Aeroflot and AirBridgeCargo, as well as foreign agents allow us to carry out air transport of export and import cargo to any place in the world. In the consignee's country, partners work directly with our cargo, thus reducing the cost and time of paperwork, processing and delivery to the consignee 's warehouse.

Our key destinations: London, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Toronto, Brussels, Bombay, Tokyo, Stockholm and Melbourne.

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